Smooth Global Paths based on the RM Scenario Types
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input frame data base data Political determination on the basis of scientific findings
determination and input of parameters for global paths goal seek
global emission paths and important results   graphs    
calculation of global paths compatible with a given CO2 budget scenarios RM 1-6
comparison: IPCC SR15 P1 - P4 ill. model paths IPCC SR15 results info
IPCC SR15 graphs
data base IPCC SR15 paths P1-P4[1] data[2]
data base global emissions   Global Carbon Project[3]
version:  05.12.2023 32.1  
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4584562
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version history
22.0 Conversion from IPCC SR15 to IPCC AR6
23.0 Data Global Carbon Project updated
24.0 Formula error emissions 2021 in the sheet "scenarios" corrected
25.0 Macro "goal seek" improved
26.0 Error in macro "Goal Seek" corrected (RM-5 was skipped if no solution was found in RM-4)
27.0 Data Global Carbon Project updated
28.0 Reference error for LUC emissions in the "base data" sheet corrected; has no effect on the results
29.0 Macro "goal seek" improved
30.0 VBA project signed with certificate
31.0 Macro "goal seek" improved
32.0 Data Global Carbon Project updated
32.1 Cement sinks taken into account

identifying IPCC ill. paths p1-p4
original IPCC data