Tool for the Regensburg Model (RM) Here you can show and hide sheets
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global frame data and global paths
input of global frame data input values base data political to decide on basis of scientific findings
determination of the free parameters RM 1 - 6 start values (RR_20) goal seek
graphs world graphs global  
results for countries
national emission paths and the resulting
reference values for all scenarios
a country can be selected graphs country (reference values) the main results of this tool
reference values for all countries a scenario can be selected output countries
converging per capita emissions using Regensburg Formula is shown converging per capita emissions RM main features of the Regensburg Model are shown
implicit weighting of the population
in the resulting national budgets is shown
convergence period IWP
2020 - 2100 IWP-T
2021 - 2100 IWP-T_RM
global paths   RM calculations
global path: free input free input FI
national paths   country
data base data countries EDGAR EDGAR UN-P data base
emissions population
Cells shaded in yellow in the following sheets are input fields, where you can enter data.
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version:  02.01.2023 54.0 published on zenodo[1]
data status  
emissions EDGAR Sep 22
population EDGAR
population UN 2019
version history
54.0 Macro "goal seek" improved
53.0 Minor adjustments
52.0 Data EDGAR updated
51.0 Minor adjustments
50.0 Formula determination year emissions neutrality changed
49.0 Error in macro "Goal Seek" corrected (RM 5 was skipped if no solution was found in RM 4)
48.0 Minor adjustments
47.0 Sheets RM, country, IWP and IWP-T with extension "_20" replaced by "IWP-T_RM
46.0 Sheets RM, country, IWP and IWP-T with extension "_20" added to calculate the implicit weighting of the population without taking into account actual emissions after the base year 2019
45.0 Macro "goal seek" improved
44.0 Sheet "output countries": Reference year 2010 replaced by 2019
43.0 Minor adjustments
42.0 Use population figures from EDGAR in the "frozen population figures 2019" choice; IWP sheet: period 2021 - cy (as actual emissions are included in 2020)
41.0 Data EDGAR updated; actual emissions 2020 in the pathways; normalised actual value 2020 in the formulas.
40.0 Conversion from IPCC SR15 to IPCC AR6

Publication in the near future